Rainbow Clown Pies

Rainbow Clown Pies "Melissa"

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What do you get when you take a pompous, upper class woman, her clean, white interior space and a baker's dozen of the sloppiest, rainbow colored pies??? Complete and utter messy mayhem, that's what! 

In this latest installment, PieZone veteran, Melissa, is back wearing her most glamorous dress and makeup, and snobbier/messier/sexier than ever! While endlessly bragging about her high end, minimalist home, we decided to give Melissa and her house a splash a color, i.e. thirteen rainbow clown pies! You're gonna love Melissa's full blown reactions of disgust, horror & humiliation—especially during the insanely chunky, chocolate slime dumping 😮  

Total run time is 36 minutes. Includes wide angle bonus footage and additional, post-shoot messy play (Melissa's favorite). All footage filmed in gorgeous 1080 HD.