Slime Rave

Slime Rave "Nigora"

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Nigora's back, dressed up all funky and cool for her first underground rave! But she better watch out from above, because this isn't just any rave—it's a Slime Rave 😜 Before she knows it, a sloppy misfortune goes splat on Nigora's pretty head, with bubblegum pink glop dripping down her body, and lime green goo to follow. Maybe Nigora would rather go to the rave next door instead? Oops, sorry—that's a Pie Rave 😂 Creamy and defeated, Nigora takes one last, super gross slopping before throwing in the towel on this dreadful night!

Total run time is 23 minutes. Includes wide angle bonus footage. All footage filmed in gorgeous 1080 HD.