The Slime Zone

The Slime Zone "Loraina"

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Surely you've heard of a little show called the The Pie Zone, yes? Well today we'd like to try something's now time for....The Slime Zone!!!

Joining us today is 19 y/o model, Loraina, and boy did this prissy blonde get the sliming of the century! Under the impression that there would be no messy consequences in this trivia show for charity, Loraina begrudgingly plays the game, only to take bucket after bucket of chunky pink, yellow, blue and chocolate slime! If that wasn't enough embarrassment, Loraina's friends made sure she got her Just Desserts as well, and a round of the gooiest, cream pies were then handily delivered (read: tossed and smashed) upon the whiny victim! 

Total run time is 38 minutes. Includes edited gameshow episode plus wide angle bonus footage. All footage filmed in gorgeous 1080 HD.