🆕 JUST RELEASED! Summer's back for the ultimate, extra chunky, pea green glopping! 🥵👍🛒

Introducing... BubbleBottom

Introducing... BubbleBottom

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She's the jiggle candy queen of Bubblebutt Land...it's the one and only...BubbleBottom!

Wearing a flattering pair of biker shorts, BubbleBottom models a pair of pies, showing off her caboose with various squats and twerks. Then, wearing only a thong, she bends forward to take a special serving of creamy and colorful pudding pies pushed into her big round tush 🍑🤩💯 After that, this Bottom of Honor receives a disgusting, chunky blue slopping with the twerk dial turned up to 11! 

Total run time is 25 minutes. Includes three camera angles (close up, full body vertical and 45º full body wide).

🆕 All footage filmed in stunning 4K video!

📝 Producer's Note: This may very well be the best big booty WAM video ever made. MUST WATCH!

⚠️ The model's face is not shown in this scene.