Sixpacks - Volume 3

Sixpacks - Volume 3

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Sit back and crack open a six pack...a PieZone video sampler that is!

Featured¬†here are excerpts from six¬†amazing videos across¬†the PieZone catalog, each¬†beginning¬†with¬†our gorgeous models clean and progressing¬†to the first pie or slime sequence. Watch as these lovely ladies‚ÄĒTracy, Gabi, Stephanie, Angie, Rachel and Tara‚ÄĒeach get the proper sloppings they deserve.¬†It's just a taste, but who said you can't make a meal out of appetizers...or beer, for that matter!

This volume contains excerpts from:

  1. Just Desserts 2, Tracy (3 real pies)
  2. Guess The Mess, Gabi (1st sliming)
  3. Pie Fight Diner, Stephanie (3 SC pies)
  4. The Green Room 5, Angie (3 SC pies)
  5. The Pie Zone Bunny, Rachel (3 SC pies)
  6. Hot Clips 6, Tara (1st sliming)

Total run time is 13 minutes. All footage filmed in gorgeous 1080 HD.