Super Messy Christmas Spectacular

Super Messy Christmas Spectacular "Sofia"

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ūü龬†'Tis the season to be sloppy!¬†

Prim and proper Sofia is¬†back in¬†the¬†ultimate messy¬†gameshow‚ÄĒshe's¬†playing for a brand new Tesla Model X‚ÄĒbut¬†will¬†her cute Christmas outfit survive the pending onslaught of slop? You bet it won't!¬†Watch as Sofia stumbles through the Christmas trivia, paying for her arrogance in¬†a¬†barrage of Christmas colored¬†pies and chunky slime dumpings!¬†If that wasn't enough, we have one¬†final shaving cream¬†glooping that will ensure this unhappy¬†contestant¬†heads¬†home in humiliation!

Total run time is 34 minutes. Includes edited gameshow episode plus wide angle bonus footage. All footage filmed in gorgeous 1080 HD.